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Travel At Last

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For awhile it looked like it might not happen. Not to be deterred I forged ahead with my plan to go to India. Ahhh India, so many wonders, top of my wish list since forever. Every piece of fabric that I had learned about and become interested in, had roots in India. Whether it was yarn, the dye, the print, the pattern, the weave, the style, the tie dye, it all flowed back to India.

When my daughter announced her idea for a study exchange I thought 'how exciting, great experience'. When she told me it would be to Ahmedabad, in Gujarat State in India I started doing the happy dance. For those of you who don't know Gujarat is the birth place of Gandhi but more importantly to me, the home of India's thriving textile industry, the Calico State.

So after having been a stay at home mum to my three lovely children, opportunity was knocking on my door and I was ready to answer.

I am Deb Parker, founder of Havally and this is the story so far.



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