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Our family of clever artists include people working in their homes on simple looms to medium scale printing and dyeing operations.



Meet Ramji, a master weaver from the region known as Kutch. He works on a fly shuttle, pit loom. He creates the most amazing scarves, sarongs, wraps and throws. He spins and dyes his own cotton which is grown in the local area. He uses traditional techniques to tie and dye yarn before weaving, known as Ikat. He tells the most wonderful stories about the inspiration for his designs.

Favourite Food: Lunch - Sabji (vege curry), chapatti and butter milk (similar to drinking yoghurt)

Favourite Colour: Blue, Orange, Red



Meet Juned, also in Kutch. Juned’s family specialize in traditional AJRAKH block printing and dyeing. This block printing method, originally from the Sindh area of Pakistan is centuries old and handed down from father to son. They manufacture their own natural dyes like indigo and madder. They print on locally grown cotton and wool from Kashmir. Juned is a designer with a cheeky sense of humour. He likes to marry old techniques with new ideas. They create scarves, sarongs, dupattas, saris and yardage.

Favourite Food: Strawberries

Favourite Colour: I love blue… indigo… indigo!



This is Jemal, a highly skilled leather artist. Using the simplest of tools, a stone, a blade, a ruler, needle and thread, he crafts a magnificent range of leather goods from local camel hide. He works the leather to make it soft and supple. His creations are well designed and hand stitched. His work can be colourful and decorative or basic and purpose driven. Jemal lives in a remote village, with his extended family in the desert of Kutch.

Favourite Food: Biryani

Favourite Colour: Blue




This is Bharat. He has been buying and selling textiles for more than 40 years. In the early years, he would travel out to the desert and villages to buy fabrics from the tribal people, many of whom are nomadic. These days they seek him out, “because they trust me” he told me. I can understand why, his knowledge is extensive, he is very fair and respectful.



Meet Husainali. His family owns a thriving haberdashery business in the heart of the market in Bhuj, the main town in the Kutch region. This is where the local women shop for their crafting goodies.



Wasim is one of my main contacts in Jaipur. He is very helpful. Like most Indians, he loves cricket. His favourite Aussie player is Shane Warne.

Favourite Food: Mutton, I love mutton.

Favourite Colour: Blue



You may have been admiring the beautiful photography on the Havally website. Heather is an award winning photographer and lucky for me, good friend. She is passionate about her work. She loves colour, flowers and takes inspiration from all around. Her stunning photographs have made our website come alive. You can see more of her work at www.seawindstudios.com.au.

Favourite Food: Hot and Spicy and Chocolate

Favourite Colour: Purple



Here is Ally, my daughter and muse. She is definitely the ‘ally’ of Havally. It was while she was studying graphic design in Gujarat, India that Havally was conceived. She is also the creator and designer of our logo and look.

Favourite Food: Sushi / Yoghurt

Favourite Colour: Orange, Green or Yellow



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