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Havally was born from the inspiring stories of simple living, but creative people striving to keep alive their traditional crafts. Their generations of knowledge, respect and family love have combined to give birth to the business vision of HAVALLY.

Our word Havally is a play on sounds. In India, Haveli means ‘big house’, one where all the family gather to celebrate and share life. This always includes food, fabrics, flowers, fun and friends. What’s not to love about that! In the spirit of embracing all good things I humbly offer you HAVALLY.

I trained as a Textile Designer. I have a passion for fabric, maybe an addiction. I love to travel and often the focus will be to find and experience textiles of an ethnic origin, being crafted using traditional methods. On a recent trip to India, the mother of textile creation, I was able to combine these interests and was encouraged to share my passion on a bigger scale.

And so here we have Havally, an online treasure chest.

Open the door, lift the lid and peak inside.


Our Philosophy is:

1. to trade directly with the makers.

2. to add to their economic means to support their traditional lifestyles.

3. to support and respect their traditions.

4. to ensure our products are primarily produced from natural materials, using traditional techniques.

5. to hand select each item for its uniqueness and quality craftsmanship.

6. to try our best to embrace fair trade practices and where possible use sustainable and natural fibres including pure wool, linen, cotton and silk.


Our Mission is for all purchases to benefit the locals in a meaningful way and to non-obtrusively enhance their lives.



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